Lease of vine - here you can be a wine maker yourself

Are you looking for a special present for yourself, your friends and family?

Here you can become a wine maker as a hobby and lease your own vine.

Riesling or Pinot Cuvée? Choose between selected individual locations such as the single location Hölle, Parzelle Steinhaus or single location Winkeler Dachsberg. The vineyards can all be reached within 10 minutes of walking from the winery.

During the term of lease, your vine is going be labeled with your name and we will issue an official lease certificate with the exact location of your vine.

As a leaseholder, you are allowed to enter the vineyard at all times in order to watch your vine grow and flourish.

In autumn, every leaseholder is welcome to join us for the harvesting, which will give you the opportunity of experiencing how wine is made first hand.

As a share of the harvest, every year, you will be given one bottle of wine from the vineyard that your vine is located in.


Duration                       Price incl. VAT

3 years                          69,00€

5 years                          79,00€

10 years                      149,00€

25 years                      299, 00€


 Gutsausschank TRENZ SpeisekarteVine lease flyer

  Sample certificate

Wine harvesting for the leaseholders

Do you want to take a look behind the scenes? The wine harvesting for the leaseholders gives you the opportunity of doing so.

We welcome you at the winery at 10am. Afterwards we head to the vineyard together and harvest the grapes. From 1pm - 2pm you are being offered lunch in the middle of the vineyards. In the afternoon we head back to the winery, so you can watch how the harvested grapes are being processed: from the press to the pre-clarification and the adding of the yeast, you will be able to look behind the scenes of winemaking.


The leaseholders are going to receive the invitations to the grape harvesting and the share of the year’s before harvest in August, via post.


Due to the high demand, the number of participants is limited. Please refe to the respective invitation to the tenant harvest for further information.


We would be happy to welcome you at our estate restaurant. For these we ask you to make a separate reservation:



Order your vine


How do I lease a vine?

In order to lease a vine please use the form below.

The lease certificate and the bill will be be sent to the leaser as soon as the application is successful .

The engraved name plate will be be installed in the vineyard 6-8 weeks after we have received the order.


* = Mandatory field

Select vine:


client (recipient of the certificate and invoice):

vine tenant (Recipient of the annual voucher/wine bottle):

The voucher cards are sent out annually in the first week of August, together with the invitation to the grape harvest of the vineyard tenants (deadline 24.07).
If you wish to have the bottle shipped directly, this is of course also possible.

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