A Gin from a winemaker?

We asked ourselves the same question. But why not just listen to juniper from Tuscany with Rheingau Riesling and expand it in barrique barrels?

The idea alone doesn't sound too bad, does it? Well said and done. Together with Steffi Klöckner from the Birkenhof distillery in the Westerwald, we meticulously fine-tuned the recipe. The most important thing was the choice of raw materials, only the best quality came into the barrel, nothing else. We distilled back and forth, improved botanicals, cuvéeed Rieslings, then discarded everything and challenged all over again. Until everything change.

We use organic juniper from Tuscany. The botanicals are grapefruit, kumquat and pink pepper berries with an infusion of our Johannisberger Vogelsang Riesling Spätlese dry. The Boden & Seele handcrafted Riesling GIN is aged for 8 months in 500l oak barrels. Three manual vintages of our Rieslings RHEINGAU GROSSES GEWÄCHS matured in the oak folds.

Also very easy and also so delicious!!

Soil & Soul - Der Gin von TRENZ

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